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Quality Student Accommodation available for 2017 -18

STUDENTS. Rooms Available NOWMonday 11th March, 2013

Rooms available in house shares now.

#Happy And Prosperous 2013Monday 31st December, 2012

We have a treat that may add a sparkle to your life when implemented. Have fun and be brilliant enjoying the 28 Tips that will motivate you to succeed in 2013;

The market for student flats and houses is one which has become increasingly popular in recent years.  This is predominantly a consequence of investors seeing it as a sector in which there will always be a consumer base, with a greater number of students heading off to university each and every year.

Student Haven has access to a lender which enables students to invest into a buy to let property worth up to £250,000 with NO DEPOSIT.  What’s more, the lender is offering a 0.25% discount off their standard variable rate for the first 2 years.

Student Haven Investments: Calling private sellers, brokers, agents who have relevant stock only. Fees offered for the right property.

Landlords buying properties in 2012 is set to increase with lenders returning to the market place with new products and competitive rates to attract new and experienced investors. Go Haven has seen number of new enquiries increase, patek philippe aquanaut replica but warn landlords in not going over budget when renovating properties to let.. Read More >>>

Changes to Current EPC Regulations for Landlords of Rental Properties.

Shortage of AccommodationTuesday 28th February, 2012

Calling All LANDLORDS!

Exclusive Student Haven Student Deal!!!Thursday 16th February, 2012

This one time offer is only available to you through ourselves (Student Haven). - that means of course that you can't get it by going to Virgin Mediav directly! Simple - an extra £35 credit on top of any other deal! WOWWWWW

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